Contact Data Synchronization

Accounts added in either Lightspeed POS or Salesforce will be created in the other platform. Contact details such as name, address, phone number, etc. that are changed in one will also sync to the other.

Insight uses advanced technology to prevent the creation of duplicate accounts. Information within accounts is compared to avoid duplicate contacts and/or other information.

Insight syncs the following fields:

Birthdate MailingStreet
DoNotCall MobilePhone
Email Name
Fax OtherPhone
Fax Phone
FirstName ShippingCountry
HasOptedOutOFEmail ShippingPostalCode
LastName ShippingState
MailingCity ShippingStreet
MailingCountry Title
MailingPostalCode Website

Support for additional fields can be customized to meet your needs.

Configuration Options

Insight allows users to configure what they would like to synchronize between Lightspeed POS and Salesforce so if there's anything you don't want synchronized, it won't be.


If data is input differently in each system then it is flagged for closer review. Once the correct information is selected, both systems will reflect the updated info.