Electrify your workflow

The fastest, easiest way to get data from Lightspeed POS to Salesforce

What is Insight?

Insight simplifies your workflow by connecting Lightspeed POS to Salesforce (both Classic and Lightning). It allows you to seamlessly input or update data in one platform and see it reflected in the other. Synchronization is two-way, allowing you to make changes in whichever platform you want and see the updated information immediately in the other platform.

Insight comes with robust features that we are continuing to expand on to provide your business with an indispensable tool. Insight can also be customized to meet your exact needs.

Accounts added in either Lightspeed POS or Salesforce will be created in the other platform. Contact details such as name, address, phone number, etc. that are changed in one will also sync to the other.

Insight uses advanced technology to prevent the creation of duplicate accounts. Information within accounts is compared to avoid duplicate contacts and/or other information.

Automatic data sync between Salesforce and Lightspeed

Insight 3.0 sync with Lightspeed and Salesforce.com

Automatic data sync between Salesforce and Lightspeed